Ask about our Huntington Beach/Fountain Valley event  DISCOUNTS!!

Various Rates

FREDY the Magic Balloon Man   $125 per hour
Balloon Creations for the young, and the young at heart. More than 40 years of experience!!

People Painting by Chris $250 for 2 hours (hourly $115/hr 3 hr min.)
Fanciful characters on hands & arms that talk & move for little-ones. A type of body painting, this 
is a HIT with the adults, as well as kids. "Body Painting" for ANY body!

FREDY the MAGICIAN or MERLIN the Magician  or The Pirate King  $250/Magic show
Professional 45 min-1 hr MAGIC SHOW for the whole family. or $250/hr Strolling  (no animals used)

*  SpinArt Craft    Only $195 11/2 hours (up to 35 kids) Includes Attendant & all supplies (needs elec.)
*  Fun, Simple Crafts   $245 11/2 hours (up to 35 kids) Includes Attendant & all supplies 

NOTE: There is a small travel charge for bookings outside the OC

the Magic Balloon Man
People Painting by Chris
         A Full 1 1/2 hours of FUN!     Only $225 
FREDY the Magic Balloon Man (Reg. $125)  
and Comedy MAGIC Show (Reg. $250)
First hour, Balloons for one & all, then 1/2 hour Family Magic Show

   For more fun - Add SPINART Craft (up to 25 kids)
Balloons & SpinArt first hour then 1/2 hour Comedy Magic Show   
Complete Party (Balloons-SpinArt-Magic) Only $295
Picture of Talented SpinArt artist